Student Testimonials

“I have taken Spanish on and off over the past 10 years using a combination of self-teaching with books and CD's, immersion classes and travel in Spanish speaking countries, and most recently at Arriba! Spanish. Raquel, whom I have now had for 5 weekly 1.5 hour evening lessons, provides a refreshing blend of conversation, exercises in speaking and pronunciation, listening comprehension and reading, and grammar. She also adds in interesting cultural information and regional linguistic differences about the language. She mixes things up well and makes the class fun, and she is an advocate of getting students to relax and just speak the language using the tools they know, rather than memorizing words and grammar and doing endless drills in the more traditional manner of language instruction. Raquel is a really great teacher.”  Mark Stewart, Engineer

“Its been 2 months since I started to attend Raquel's Spanish lessons. She is an expert teacher and I like the small class size. Good conversation and good vibes but she keeps us to the point. She is patient in keeping the conversation 100% in Spanish even though my vocabulary is limited. I highly recommend Raquel when considering a Spanish course.”  Christine Nolan, Senior at Towson High School

 “"I have taken two courses with Raquel, and the experience went above and beyond my expectations. I feel I could write this review in Spanish now, but I want future students to read it! The instruction was individualized, flexible, and varied. Raquel used the hours to the max, allowed for creativity and individual purposes and needs, and encouraged us with much grace and patience. I would return for more in a heartbeat. Mil gracias!” Tonya Richardson, Towson, Maryland.

“I was going on a trip to Argentina, but I had never studied Spanish before. The role plays we did in class really helped me in many situations in Buenos Aires!” Helen Hudson, group course student

“We greatly enjoyed our beginner's Spanish class. We liked Raquel's teaching style which was both fun and informative. We had the opportunity to learn and practice conversational Spanish, which was exactly what we needed.” Alan and Jennifer Cox, group course students