Spanish Course Levels

The following courses are tailored to adapt to the learning needs of beginner and intermediate learners. You will practice conversations and engage in role-play situations to acquire good comprehension and oral skills; group size is kept small (up to 8 students), to allow for maximum interaction and the opportunity to truly practise what you learn.
The courses follow a progressive time line, so the next level course starts the week after each course ends.

Beginner 1

This is the first level of Spanish, and is appropriate for those who are new to Spanish, or have a basic notion of it.

Course Objectives:
  • Gain confidence. Break the language barrier
  • Learn to "think" in Spanish
  • Learn to pronounce, read and write in Spanish
  • Learn techniques to communicate effectively in Spanish (Keep It Simple)
  • Learn about sentence structure. Using the grammar and vocabulary learned to build sentences
  • Practice dialogs
  • Practice oral composition
  • Develop oral skills by practicing role plays based on real-life situations
Course Contents:
  • All about nouns and adjectives
  • Question words. How to make questions. How to answer questions
  • Role-plays: "Meeting people and exchanging information in a social situation", "Buying a bus ticket", "Booking a hotel room", "In the Shop", etc.
  • The present tense of the most relevant regular verbs
  • The present tense of some relevant irregular verbs: to want, to have, can, to say, to know, to do/make, to go, to think, to see
  • "There is/there are/is there?/are there?"

Beginner 2

This course takes over from level 1 and gets deeper into more elaborate conversations and richer dialogs. It introduces one of the past tenses to enable conversations about past events.

Course Objectives:
  • Gain fluency and further conversational skills
  • Improve listening and comprehension
  • Broaden the vocabulary and grammatical expressions, and using them in a variety of contexts
  • Practise speaking about past events: "I/you... have been, seen, said,..." and "I/you/he... was, went, saw,..."
  • Be able to talk about future plans using the alternative future ("I'm going to...")
Course Contents:
  • Quick review of the Present tense
  • The verb "to like": Expressing likes and dislikes
  • The Past Perfect tense (I have said/gone/been...). : Formation and use. Practise speaking through interaction.
  • Conversation: "What did we do at the weekend?"
  • The Preterit tense of the most relevant regular verbs. Formation and use
  • Role-Play: "A Funny Soap Opera"
  • Conversation: "Story-telling: A Simple Story"

Beginner 3

Level 3 continues developing oral and comprehension skills with an introduction of the second most relevant Spanish past tense: the Imperfect tense. Students participate in conversations in which both past tenses (the Preterit and the Imperfect) are used. The future tense is also introduced.

Course Objectives:
  • Gain speed, increase vocabulary and expressions
  • Learn to speak about past events using the two past tenses: The Preterit and the Imperfect
  • Learn about the Future tense (I will...), and practice using it
Course Contents:
  • Review of the Preterit tense
  • The Imperfect tense. Formation and uses
  • "A Song in Spanish". Listening comprehension and speaking practice
  • Conversation: "Recounting a personal experience"
  • The Future tense: Formation and use. Interactive practice
  • Role-Play: "Solving a Mistery: A Detective's Story"
  • Role-Play: "At the police station"

Intermediate 1

Level 4 continues developing fluency and comprehension skills, introducing the conditional and the past perfect tenses. It focuses on the practical application of those two tenses, increasing vocabulary and expressions, correcting mistakes made when speaking, and gaining speed.

Course Objectives:
  • Improve comprehension of medium to fast-paced Spanish
  • Correct mistakes done when speaking in Spanish
  • Learn about the Conditional tense and practice using it in conversations
  • Learn about the Passive Voice, and practice using it
  • Increase vocabulary and expressions
  • Gain speed
Course Contents:
  • Conversation: "Presenting a topic of choice: current events, history,..."
  • The Past Perfect tense: Formation and use
  • Conversation: "Talking about traditions in different countries"
  • Debate 1: "Exchanging opinions"
  • The Conditional tense: Formation and uses
  • Conversation: "Recounting an event from the student's perspective"
  • The Passive: Formation and uses
  • Practice: "What's in the news?"

Intermediate 2

Level 5 continues developing oral fluency and comprehension skills with the introduction of new, more complex role-plays and conversation topics, vocabulary and expressions. The Subjunctive mood is introduced at this level. The impersonal "se" is also introduced.

Course Contents:
  • Conversation: "Urban Legends"
  • The Impersonal "se". Formation and uses
  • Conversation practice: "How does it work? Giving instructions"
  • Debate: "Our Planet: an opinion debate"
  • The Present Subjuntive: Formation and uses
  • Conversation: "What would you do if...?"

Advanced 1

A purely conversational, on-demand course. It is designed for learners who already have a good level of fluency, but who want to keep practicing Spanish to maintain and improve their skills.