About Us

Raquel was born in Madrid (Spain). She lived in several places in Spain, although mostly in her native city, but also in Barcelona, Valencia, and Aragon (Aragon is a Spanish province close to France, in North East Spain).

After getting her degree in business, she decided she wanted to see the world, and experience other cultures and ways of life (and improve her English, in the process!), so she moved to The U.S. in 1999, , and enrolled in the University of Baltimore to pursue a career in computer science. Once in Baltimore, she started teaching Spanish to her friends and classmates, and realized she loved it, and that that's what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She went on to study her masters degree in computer science at Loyola University, while also teaching Spanish part time. After spending five wonderful years studying and teaching Spanish to an ever-growing circle of people who love the Spanish language and culture, she decided to continue her career as a Spanish teacher in Australia.

So, she taught Spanish in Sydney for five more years, expanding her one-to-one teaching to group courses in her downtown Sydney studio. She also did translations for the Australian goverment, and tailored Spanish courses for private companies. Then, she went back to Spain for four years, where she pursued her Masters degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, while teaching English in private companies and for the Spanish goverment, as well.

Finally, she came back to her beloved U.S., where she has been teaching Spanish in Charlottesville since October 2017.

Please see the Testimonials page for student feedback on Raquel’s Spanish lessons.